Barge House, Venice Biennale 2014

An Apocalyptic Habitat


Say, if the world is gradually covered with water in the next deluge, with no land in sight, what can we do? What will the surviving community be like? Would floating communities emerge? Can everything that is required for human habitation and new civilisation be developed on floating barges?


The barge is already used as an abode on canals. Because it floats, it is already water-proofed – tipped over, the barge hull can be used as a roof. Between the roof and floating platform is a habitable, protected space.


A community can emerge out of a cluster of barges. Some of the barges can be homes, others can be used for breeding lifestocks and still, others can be used for cultivation or for the production of goods. Or even for recreational needs, as the community enlarge into floating village.

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