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Egypt Science City


Science City






International Web Publications 2016

UK Architectural Media 2016

Prestige 2017

AM 2017

2nd Place, International Competition




The site was within sight of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and, other than the desert landscape with urban conubations nearby, the site was nearly a blank canvas. The challenge was to find appropriate constraint to design the building complex and to give it meaning.


The desert landscape provided the appropriate metaphor for design and all the nuances of the architecture were derived from the powerful context.


So, lines were constructed from impressions of the desert and turned into reference frames for architecture to take place. The lines were iterated and manipulated many times over until they become recognisable as plans to be further developed into architecture. 


The structure or the complex was made up of concrete shell which was to blend into the desert landscape with pockets of parks with foliage.

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