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Single Family Dwelling


Sungai Buloh, Selangor




PAM Award For Residential Buildings (Honourable Mention) 2008


Recent Malaysian Architecture 2007

The New Malaysian House 2008

The New Straits Times 2008

Architecture Asia 2006

House X2 - Front.jpg

House X2

Water Edge Cliff House


The house hovers the edge of a cliff and surrounded by pools of water. The pools echo the owner’s preoccupation with sailing and deep sea diving, and the love for water. The house resembles a boat hovering at cliff edge with the main bedroom overlooking the horizon. There is also space at the front of the house to park a boat.


The lines of the house resembles House 181, which uses inflected lines to achieve a large overhang to mitigate sun penetration while having the external walls largely glazed to visibly connect with the pools. The house is naturally ventilated with most of the walls made up of moveable glass louvres.


The phenomenological content is particularly strong as the natural environment synergises with the owner’s propensity for an outdoor life.

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