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University of Malaya




UM Competition (Honourable Mention) 2017

The Spine

Masterplan For The University of Malaya


Currently the University of Malaya is in a disparate condition, with many sub-standard buildings sprouting incoherently from the few modern icons that first appeared in the 1960s. Over the years, the original 1,000 acres have shrunk in size to around 700 acres, with areas hived off for other interests. The iconic original lake has even shrunken to something that is quite insignificant, a small water body that no longer has a meaningful presence.


The most precious part that remains untouched is the research forest in the middle of the university grounds. This precious area is retained like a precious commodity.


The proposed Spine acts as a buffer between the built-up areas and the forest, it sweeps like an arc and act like a shield to protect the forest. It is also the pedestrian spine that connects to every part of the university, with nodes at various intervals. It is intended as the recreation zone that begins at the lake, which is enlarged to a significant size to be useful. This remnant of the original forest is retained as its crowning jewel. 

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