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Malaysia Pavilion Venice Biennale 2014



The theme for the Malaysia Pavilion for the 2014 Venice Biennale was ‘Sufficiency’, a title that suggested ‘making do with just enough’. There was also limited available funding for the exhibition, which was to house the models of 20 other Malaysian architectural practices. The title also reflected the mood of the architectural profession in Malaysia at the time as well as the trend towards sustainability.


The installation was made of pet cages, which were light and collapsibe, making them easy to carry to the venue and intalled on site. It carried the narrative that each cage was deemed sufficient to house a pet, and can be an abode for small animals like a chicken or a rodent. It was also a mean to transport cats or dogs to the vet.


Held together, the series of cages make a poetic statement and being hung by cables from the rafters, they exude an existential quality. The individual models of ‘sufficiency’ from the various architects were supported by the cages, together making a holistic statement.

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