House X1

Awarded by PAM: Residential Building, Interior, Steel Design 2004. Published in ‘Recent Malaysian Architecture 2007’

Amarin Wickham

First Malaysian project to be awarded Gold Plus from Singapore Green Mark for green certification.

House X3

House on a cliff that faces the sunset in Koh Samui.

Egypt Science City International Competition

Dunescape is a lyrical metaphor of the Egyptian landscape which is shaped to house a complex series of buildings to become a major science city.

House X2

Published in ‘The New Malaysian House’ 2008.

Genesis Tower

Became a landmark for the southern entry into KL Golden Triangle.

Synthesis and Contradictions

Sculpture showcased at the Venice Biennale 2012

2020 Countdown Clock

Winning competition entry became an icon of 'KL River of Life' project. New landmark for Dataran Merdeka.

In-Between Spaces

Making use of leftover unused spaces in the old part of the city of Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2014

Sufficiency: The single pet cage is a sufficient abode for a small pet. Strung together as an installation they question the narrative of sufficiency.

Wisma Laju

As published by DOMUS, Italy. Award for steel design by PAM.

UM Masterplan

The pedestrian spine protects the natural forest from further intrusion while linking the whole campus together with minimal carbon footprint.

Jerai International Park

As published in the Architectural Review, UK. Pioneer ideas in sustainable development.

Port Klang Logistics Centre

Won award for steel design for industrial architecture by PAM.

Sufficiency Barge House

In a flooded world, the barge can serve as a floating habitable module. Strung together a whole village can be formed where even agriculture and industry can thrive on barges.

Everworld Stage Design

Made up of metal parts and rollers that can be purchased from the hardware store, the stage set is flexible, mobile and easily assembled by amateurs.

St. Mary's School Museum

Made up of items of memory and recycled materials from a historical, iconic school, the museum is a narrative of resistance to commercialism which forced the school to relocate.

House 181

Awarded the PAM: Residential Building 2006

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